Join Bingo3X’s £500 Jackpot Fiesta

Join Bingo3X’s £500 Jackpot Fiesta

Once you have reached Halloween, the rest of the year can all be pretty much classified as ‘the party season’. There are many different names that you can use for a party, for example, shindig, affair, bash, celebration, festivity or even box social. For their next party, Bingo3X have decided to settle on the name fiesta. Bingo3X’s trusty team of bubbly avatars – Chas, Bravos and NJS – have put together their own contribution to the party season. On Tuesday 20 November they will be hosting their Jackpot Fiesta, during which a fab £500 bingo jackpot will be divided up among five fortunate players. Be one of the five winners and you could nab one of these shares:

•  Full house – £150

•  4 lines – £125

•  3 lines – £100

•  2 lines – £75

•  1 line – £50

Everyone needs to come away from a fiesta feeling incredibly reason, and Bingo3X intend to achieve this by giving 1TG players 5,000 LPs and 2TG players 3,000 players. There are loads of prizes to win in the £500 Jackpot Fiesta on Tuesday 20 November – why not get involved and try and win some of the goodness?

Bingo3X can claim free bingo tickets for this game during their next routine deposit – the generosity doesn’t end on your first and second deposits! Deposit £20 by Sunday 18 November and Bingo3X will provide you with two free bingo tickets that will grant you entry to the exclusive £500 Jackpot Fiesta. This baby is set to be a sizzling affair, not at all what you would expect from your average Tuesday night in November! Eligible roomies for the Jackpot Fiesta will all be credited with their free bingo tickets on 19th November, as promised by Bravos. New players to Bingo3X will also get a 200% welcome bonus if they join now!